Monday, March 2, 2009

A Full Page of Line Melody

Last Friday there was a Drink and Draw event in lieu of WonderCon at the 111 Minna Art Gallery in downtown San Francisco, of which me and my fellow artist friend from college Jenn Tong attended. I thought it was a casual event but it turned out there were actually some pretty well-known comic artists there doing their thing. Also, the pieces were to be auctioned to help support the recovery of Underground Comix legend S. Clay Wilson so whatever I made was going to have a price tag.

So there I was, probably the only artist no one's heard of drawing in the spotlights in the middle of the room. I was nervous and shaking a little, I hate drawing in front of people and it took until well after the ice cubes melted in my Jameson! I did what came most natural to me, my recent love for freestyle line melodies. Two guys there were nice enough to compliment me as I drew alongside brilliant comic artists drawing Hulk, men in retro detective outfits and sexy girl superheroes. They put a $25 price tag on mine, but they displayed it upside down. C'mon people, isn't it obvious which way is up?! :P