Monday, February 24, 2014

Demons of Escape Exhibit @Lanesplitter in Emeryville, CA 2/23/14

Demons of Escape
Acrylic on birch wood

Part of the group show, Crust Lust: Creatures, Pizza and Beer II
@Lanesplitter, Emeryville, CA - 2/23/14

While usually steering toward non-fiction/realist work, I was told the theme of this show was "Creatures" and so decided to create fantasy characters rooted in familiar aspects of everyday life. The Demons of Escape each represent a different psychological retreat from one's self be it codependency, addiction, vanity, and/or a facade of strength. They are less superhero/villain with super powers, and more an embodiment of negligence or "demons" one may flock to in the face of difficulty. These demons present themselves as fearless and powerful though inside they are desolate souls, forever swearing off the inevitable vulnerability of surrender.

Hand painted borders.

She is the provider, the one who is only at ease when needed by another. Providia's multiple arms are constantly in motion, reaching to satiate those who've learned to depend on and sometimes tease her for it. Her floral tattoos assure everyone she is just dandy, though her choker subconsciously tells a different story. Providia hasn't a mouth for she neither consumes nor speaks her opinion. As long as everyone else is happy and she's never alone, she needs no other nourishment.

Seductive and mysterious, this one thrives on enchanting the accessible at all times, in a vicious cycle of chemical and narcissistic intoxication. Vego's oversized hands and mouth serve to captivate those who witness this magician of expression, while these same features anxiously consume excessive doses of concocted immediate gratification behind the scenes. One should never attempt to challenge his ferociously maintained state of mind. Vego moves for no man, equating this with his indolent snake-like lower half. He is truly a beautiful disaster.

The name says it all for Vaudeville is ever an entertainer, and the show must go on to inspire a chorus of validation from his audience of acquaintances. Besides his tagline, "Gotta fly" to conclude his comical social interactions, large wings allow him to soar over unattractive situations and emotions, that don't make for good material on stage. Born with less than good looks, Vaudeville compensates by being a fabulous dresser so everyone knows him, yet really doesn't at the same time. He is the proverbial sad clown.

She is a warrior, none shall pass as long as there are spikes on her limbs. Fendra's self-assurance shows no mercy and allows no tears, as she spends the necessary time to make sure this message is clear in her appearance. Her oversized, horned calves and forearms are used to block any and all perceived attacks on her otherwise delicate emotions. What she lacks in height she makes up for in a chiseled, stocky build, never to be overlooked. Fendra knows not confidence in another, she chooses to be beautiful for herself and to intimidate. She is queen of her world, though it is lonely at the top.

Pleased to meet me.