Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iraq Benefit - Tshirt Design

A few months ago I did this Tshirt design to benefit Iraqi children who were orphaned as their parents were victims of bombing. It was through an organization who contacted me about it called TakePride.com

This is based on an 8 year old orphan from Baghdad named Basam who's into boxing. I got the idea from this commercial where a bunch of kids were talking about how they wanted to "beat up" cancer, as they
made angry faces and swung their fists.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Atomic Joyride from Outer Space - cover

Ah, finished the inner cover for the comic I tried to design the alien for 2 posts ago. Turns out the aliens will have iguana heads, and for this story (of the 6 in the book) they attack a 50's drive-in movie theater (now do you get the pic?).

For this I studied a lot of different Coup de Ville cars from that time, which was fun since I digs the retro style. Originally I drew it pretty plain but found myself drawing it more funky when I turned up my speakers to the Avalanches. I also googled iguanas to discover there are lots of different kinds, so I had to find what I liked about each and make my own.

The final product was done in Flash and took several weeks to put together and polish off. I read the script for the comic written by Sam Moyerman and illustrated by Ian Glaubinger and it's definitely a unique and entertaining story. It'll be published toward the end of April under the title Rise of the Outlanders...look for it at a comic con near you!