Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Inner Rodin

I'm not one for drawing realistic things, but I drew some faces & bodies at a bar and my friend Bow Jones said they were beautiful. I then got fed up with designing my website again last night and just went off on a freestyle sketch frenzy in Flash. I'm a big fan of Rodin...and women, so I couldn't help myself w/ the erotica.

6 hour life drawing classes at the School of Visual Arts will definitely have an effect on ya, these were all done freehand.

Remember that hot opening scene in Darjeeling Limited where Natalie Portman raises her leg to Jason Schwartzman to take off her boots so they can get down? I tried to illustrate that w/ a few changes in detail.

Bow showed me a nice picture of a hand he drew and we got to talking about how we loved to draw hands. Some quick sketches: