Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Surfing Game

For the last 2 months, me and my team at work have been slaving away at this surfing game for Millsberry.com. We wanted it to be the stepping stone for what we want to see in terms of design and illustration on the site. You can play it even if you're not a member but be sure to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. It takes a sec to get used to.

I did the character designs, character animation, design and illustration of the title screen, design of the waves, backgrounds, and some other things here and there. The flourishings, additional design and actionscripting were done by Tony Eaton and the actionscript wizard behind it all with contributions to design was John McElroy.

Definitely proud of this one :)

click to play!

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James Sugrue said...

That is so cool! Good for you,Teddy!