Sunday, April 6, 2008

Atomic Joyride from Outer Space - cover

Ah, finished the inner cover for the comic I tried to design the alien for 2 posts ago. Turns out the aliens will have iguana heads, and for this story (of the 6 in the book) they attack a 50's drive-in movie theater (now do you get the pic?).

For this I studied a lot of different Coup de Ville cars from that time, which was fun since I digs the retro style. Originally I drew it pretty plain but found myself drawing it more funky when I turned up my speakers to the Avalanches. I also googled iguanas to discover there are lots of different kinds, so I had to find what I liked about each and make my own.

The final product was done in Flash and took several weeks to put together and polish off. I read the script for the comic written by Sam Moyerman and illustrated by Ian Glaubinger and it's definitely a unique and entertaining story. It'll be published toward the end of April under the title Rise of the Outlanders...look for it at a comic con near you!

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