Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Melody of Line

So I'm eating some pizza at a friend's house in Kirkland, WA and I start doodling this pattern on the pizza box. This was right at the start of the big Seattle blizzard in December that's just recently melted away. I didn't think much of it at the time, but when our car tires got stuck in the snow and we had to shove cardboard under them to get out, I couldn't let this little guy go.

Even though you see this style of line a lot on t-shirt prints and Urban Outfitter-esque decor, to drop some history on ya you'll see variations of it in Baroque, Celtic and Islamic art as well as in pinstriping which started in the 50's with Von Dutch (how many people who wear his name know that?). I started really getting the hang of it when I visited the Mucha Museum in Prague back in September last year. I pulled out my sketchbook and sketched, getting a feel for the "melody of line" as Alfons Mucha puts it,
from the frames of his beautiful graphic prints. I like to freestyle with it.

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Jen's-blog-24-7 said...

Nice Doodling of a mixture of different art variations. Then just the random t shirt / furniture decor setting from urban outfitters...